Windows Agent - Datto RMM Snap Installation


Follow this article to install the Blackpoint SNAP-Defense agent to your customer network using your Datto RMM tool. We've broken down the installation into three main and one optional step:

  1. Importing the script
  2. Copying the SNAP Agent URL
  3. Running the installer script
  4. (Optional) Using sites to manage


  • You must have Administrator access in your instance of Datto RMM.


Importing the script 

  1. Download the Datto RMM CPT File. The download link can be found here.
  2. Log into your Datto RMM instance and navigate to Components > All Components section.

  3. In the left-hand menu, click Import Component.

  4. In the Import Component pop-up window, click Choose File and select the Datto RMM CPT file that you downloaded in Step 1 of this section. Again, the download link can be found here.
  5. After selecting the file, Upload to proceed.
  6. Finally, in the top-right corner, click Save.

Copying the SNAP Agent URL

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, navigate to Customers in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the Customer List section, find the customer you want to deploy the agent to. Click the Manage button. You will be redirected to the Customer Details page. 
  3. Provided that a service has been added to this customer, you will see a Download SNAP Agent button. Copy the URL to your clipboard for use in the following section of this article.

Running the installer script 

  1. In your Datto RMM instance, navigate to Components > Applications.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click All Components under My Components.
  3. In the Component List: Applications screen:
    1. Select the checkbox next to the SNAP Defense Installation v2
    2. Click the Gear icon. 
  4. In the Schedule a Job > New Job screen:
    1. Name - Enter a name for the job schedule. By default, the job is executed immediately. 
    2. Schedule - To schedule the job for a later time, or for recurring instances, click Click to change... Select one of the pre-set schedule intervals and use the date and time picker to establish your start date. Click OK to save your changes. 
    3. Click Add Targets and select one of the following target types. Then, select any number within that target type.
      1. Sites
      2. Devices
      3. Site Groups
      4. Default Device Filters
      5. Custom Device Filters
      6. Device Groups
      7. Site Device Groups
      8. Site Device Filters
    4. SNAP_AllowSites - Ensure the value is set to 0 (zero).
    5. SNAP_DOWNLOAD - Paste in the customer SNAP Agent URL you copied from the Blackpoint Portal as described in the section above.
      Important. Each customer you create in the Blackpoint Portal will have its own unique SNAP-Defense installer file. Please make sure you deploy the correct agent to your customer or you will need to uninstall the agent and redeploy.
    6. Click Save. You will be redirected to the Jobs > Active Jobs page. 

You've now scheduled Datto RMM to deploy the SNAP-Defense Agent. 

(Optional) Using sites to manage

For a more detailed explanation of site variables, refer to Datto's documentation on this topic here. Below we will detail the general concept. 

  1. After installing the script, change the SNAP_AllowSites variable to 1 (one).
  2. Navigate to Sites > Site Name > Settings tab.
  3. In the Variables section, you will need to add two variables:
    • SNAP_UID

The information needed to input into these two variables are located in the SNAP-Defense Agent URL that you obtained in the second main step of this article. The SNAP_FILE and SNAP_UID are indicated in the below example agent URL.

Important. Now you are able to use one component to install to all sites that you added these variables too. Remember that each UID and installer will be unique to that company.