Windows Agent - ConnectWise Automate Installation


Follow this article to install the Blackpoint SNAP-Defense agent to your customer network using your ConnectWise Automate tool. We've broken down the installation into three main steps:

  1. Copying the SNAP Agent URL
  2. Importing the script
  3. Running the installer script


Copying the SNAP Agent URL

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, navigate to Customers in the left-hand menu. 
  2. In the Customer List section, find the customer you want to deploy the agent to. Click the Manage button. You will be redirected to the Customer Details page.
  3. Provided that a service has been added to this customer, you will see a Download SNAP Agent button. Click to download the .exe file. Likewise, you can copy the URL to your clipboard if you prefer to use the hosted agent link.

Importing the script

To deploy the agent, we will be uploading an .xml file that ConnectWise Automate will use to pre-populate your settings while you set up the automation script.

  1. Download the .xml install script file here. Right-click this link and click Save Link As... Remember where you save this file as you will need it in Step 3 below.
  2. Log into your instance of ConnectWise Automate and navigate to System > General > Import > XML Expansion.
  3. Navigate to where you saved the .xml file from Step 1 above. Click Open. Select LabTech Expansion (*.xml) as the file type.
  4. Now we need to edit the script. Navigate to Automation > Scripts > View Scripts.
  5. By default, the .xml will import to Scripts > Software > SNAP Agent Installer v3. Double-click on SNAP Agent Installer v3 to open the script editing interface.
  6. Click the Globals and Parameters tab. In the Value text field, remove the default URL present and replace it with the SNAP Agent URL you copied from the first section in this article. Remember to click Save in both areas shown in the screenshot below.

Running the installer script

  1. To deploy the agent, right-click on the Company Name or endpoint and navigate to Scripts > Computer Scripts > Software > SNAP Agent Installer. 
  2. A Run Script pop-up window will appear:
    1. In the Target section, double check that it is being deployed to the correct client.
    2. In the Schedule section, select the frequency you would like the script to run at. Then, click OK.

You've successfully deployed to your customer's network.