Integrating with ConnectWise Manage


Blackpoint allows you to map products and services to products in your ConnectWise Manage Product Catalog. Once mapping is established, changes to customer accounts made within Blackpoint will sync directly to ConnectWise Manage. You will also have the option to sync quantity updates with your ConnectWise Manage Company account for the specific company agreement that is linked. This will add or update an agreement addition to that linked company agreement in ConnectWise Manage.

Follow this article to integrate Blackpoint with ConnectWise Manage. We've broken down the integration into four main steps:

  1. Creating an API security role and member account
  2. Acquiring the API token
  3. Configuring the integration in the Blackpoint Portal
  4. Setting up default agreement type and reviewing product mapping
  5. (Optional) Disabling/Deleting the integration in the Blackpoint Portal


Creating an API security role and member account

Creating an API security role and member account in ConnectWise Manage allows Blackpoint to communicate with your account. The security role you create will later be assigned to the new API user.

  1. Log into ConnectWise Manage. Navigate to System > Security Roles in the left-hand menu and click Security Roles. Click the plus (+) icon to add a new role.
  2. Give the role a descriptive name such as "Blackpoint_API_Role" and then click the Save icon.
  3. You will be led to the Security Modules screen. Expand each of the headings below and replicate the permission parameters exactly as listed. To do so, click the down arrows to change the permissions from None (default) to All.
    1. Companies heading:
      1. Company Maintenance: Inquire Level - All
      2. This is used to pull a list of companies allowing you to quickly add existing ConnectWise companies as customers in the Blackpoint Portal.
    2. Finance heading:
      1. Agreements: Add Level - All, Edit Level - All, Inquire Level - All
      2. This is used to map agreements with a customer allowing you to add/edit agreement additions when changing license quantities in the Blackpoint Portal.
    3. Procurement heading:
      1. Product Catalog: Inquire Level - All
      2. This is used to map products in your ConnectWise account to products in the Blackpoint Portal.
    4. System heading:
      1. Table Setup: Inquire Level - All
      2. Click the customize link next to the Table Setup subheading. In the Update Security pop-up, allow access to the below. Use the arrow buttons to add and remove options. Click Save.
        1. Agreements/Agreement Type
        2. Company/Company Type
        3. This is used to filter your company list when creating a customer as well as the agreements to those types used by Blackpoint.
  4. After editing the permissions for each section, click the Save and Close icon.
  5. Navigate to System > Members > API Members tab. Then, click the plus icon (+)New Member.
  6. In the Details screen, complete the following fields in each section:
    1. Profile section:
      1. Member ID: Blackpoint
      2. Member Name: Blackpoint API
      3. Time Zone: Select a time zone for the internal company. To set up time zones, refer to ConnectWise's documentation here.
      4. Email: [email protected]
    2. System section:
      1. Role ID: Blackpoint_API_Role (this is the role created in the previous steps)
      2. Level: Corporate (Level 1)
      3. Name: Corporate
      4. Location: Select the default location for the company. Any new record created by the member will default to the location set here.
      5. Business Unit: Select the member's business unit.
      6. Default Territory: Select the member's default territory.

        Note: For more information on how to setup Locations, Business Units, and Territories, please refer to ConnectWise's documentation here.
  7. In the top menu bar, click the Save and Close icon.

Acquiring the API token

  1. Navigate to the API Keys tab of the new member view and click the plus (+) icon.
  2. Enter "Blackpoint Portal API Key" in the description field, then click Save. After saving, you will see your new public and private keys.

    Important! Keep these keys in a secure location as it will not be visible again after closing the window.

Configuring the integration in the Blackpoint Portal

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, navigate to your user icon in the top-right corner and click Integrations.
  2. On the integrations page, click the Settings button under ConnectWise Manage.
  3. In the Enable ConnectWise Manage pop-up, complete the following fields:
  4. Click the Test Connection button and wait while Blackpoint validates your credentials. If successful, click the Enable button to complete the setup.

Setting up default agreement type and reviewing your product mapping

Default Agreement Type

Select your Default Agreement Type. This field allows you to set a default customer agreement based on your selected type. To add a new agreement type, refer to ConnectWise's documentation here.

Company Type

Select your Company Type. This field allows you to filter the linked company list so that you are pulling customers and clients from ConnectWise Manage only and not from vendors, prospects, competition, etc.

Product Mappings

You will need to map Blackpoint products in your ConnectWise Manage Product Catalog. Typically, this will require you to create new products in your Product Catalog that match with products/services in Blackpoint. To do this, log into your ConnectWise Manage account and navigate to Procurement > Product Catalog. Click the plus (+) icon to add new products to match those that will be used in Blackpoint.

  1. In the drop-down list, select your ConnectWise Manage products for each of the Blackpoint products/services that will be used. The example below shows one way to name your products in ConnectWise.
  2. Once you've mapped all of the products and services that will be used, click the Save button.

That's it! You've setup the integration to sync Blackpoint customer quantity updates to your ConnectWise Manage account for any linked agreements.

Disabling/Deleting the integration in the Blackpoint Portal

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, navigate to your user icon in the top-right corner and click Integrations.
  2. On the integrations page, click the Settings button under ConnectWise Manage.

  3. Click the Edit link under the status of your ConnectWise Manage integration.

  4. In the ConnectWise Manage Settings pop-up window, choose to disable or delete the integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link a customer to a company in ConnectWise Manage? When you create new customers, you can create a customer based on existing Companies that are in your ConnectWise Manage account. You can also link an existing customer by clicking the Manage button next to that customer. You will see a ConnectWise section in the Customer Details page.

How do I link agreements for a customer? After creating a customer and enabling the integration, you will see a ConnectWise section in the Customer Details page allowing you to select an agreement to link to.

How do I sync quantity updates to ConnectWise Manage? Whenever you add or edit a service or product, you will see an Additional Settings section allowing you to enable updates to an existing linked agreement addition, or create a new agreement addition for that linked agreement.

Why don't the quantities in my ConnectWise agreement additions match what is in the Blackpoint Portal? You can manually complete a force sync to update these quantities for the linked agreement and agreement addition. To do so, edit the product/service and in the ConnectWise section and click the Force Sync Now link.

Can I remove all mappings for a customer? Yes! To do so, navigate to the customer you wish to remove mappings for, click the pencil icon in the ConnectWise section, then click the Delete (trash can) icon.

Note: This will not remove any agreement additions previously added to your ConnectWise Manage account.