Integrating with Bitdefender


Follow this article to integrate Blackpoint with Bitdefender GravityZone. We've broken down the integration into five main steps:

  1. (Optional) Create a New Account
  2. Select User Permissions and Targets
  3. Acquire the API Token
  4. Configure the Integration in the Blackpoint Portal
  5. Verify Your Integration


  • You must have Administrator-level access in Bitdefender GravityZone.


Note: While you can use an existing GravityZone account with Administrator-level access (and possibly associated with a real human), we recommend creating an account specifically for Blackpoint integration. This ensures the account and related API Token are not accidentally modified or removed.

(Optional) Create a New Account

  1. Log into the GravityZone Management Console with an Administrator-level account.
  2. Click Accounts in the left-hand menu, then select Accounts.

  3. Click the (+) Add button in the top-left corner.

  4. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Email: Enter a valid email address where you can receive emails.

      Important. Ensure you provide a valid, accessible email address. The new account's login and password information will be mailed to this address and needed to acquire the API Token

    2. Full Name: Enter an appropriate name, e.g. "Blackpoint MDR".
    3. Company: Select your company/the parent company.
    4. Set maximum password age to 90 days: Select the checkmark.
    5. Lock out account after 5 login attempts with invalid passwords: Select the checkmark. 
  5. For Settings and Privileges and Select Targets, follow the steps found in the next section of this KB article.

Select User Permissions and Targets

  1. If you skipped the section above, then log in to the GravityZone Management Console, open the Accounts view, and click on the account you want to use for the Blackpoint integration.
  2. In the Settings and Privileges section, complete the following:
    1. In the Role drop-down, select Partner.

      Note: If the Partner option is not available, this account is not suitable for integration. Ensure the account used for integration has your company/the parent company selected when creating the user account. See Step 4c in the previous section.

    2. In the Rights section, select the below checkboxes:
      • Manage Companies
      • Manage Users
      • Manage Company
      • Manage Networks

  3. In the Select Targets section, complete one of the following two options:
    • Option 1: Select the root/top-level target checkbox. This allows the account to access all companies and networks.

    • Option 2: Select specific children company checkboxes. This limits the account access to those companies only.

      Important: If selecting specific children companies, you must also select the Network checkbox for the Blackpoint integration to work.

  4. Click Save.

Acquire the API Token

  1. Log into the GravityZone Management Console with the user account created and/or configured in the previous sections.
  2. In the top-right corner of the main page, click the down arrow next to the account name and click My Account.

  3. Scroll down to the API Keys section and click the + Add button.

  4. An API Key pop-up will appear. Select all of the checkboxes and click Save.

  5. Back in your Account page, your newly-generated API key is now displayed. Copy the key as you will need to access it in the next section. Click Save.

    Important. Make sure that you click and select the entire API key before copying it.

Configure the Integration in the Blackpoint Portal

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, navigate to Customer in the left-hand menu.

  2. In the Customer List section, find the customer you are setting up a Bitdefender integration for. Click the Manage button. You will be redirected to the Customer Details page. 

  3. In the Integrations tab, click the +Add button.

  4. In the Add Integration pop-up, select Bitdefender GravityZone in the drop-down menu and click Next.

  5. In the next pop-up, enter the API key you generated in the previous section and click Continue.

  6. A blue Entities Successfully Fetched banner will appear. Select the correct Bitdefender company(ies) that correspond the current Blackpoint Customer and then click Save.

    Important: Do not select all customers. Only add the relevant Bitdefender customers associated with this Blackpoint customer.

  7. Back in the Customer Details page > Integrations tab, you will see the new Bitdefender GravityZone integration.

Verify Your Integration

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, click the SNAP-Defense icon.

  2. In the Dashboard page, search for your customer and click the name to open it.

  3. Click Collection in the left-hand menu and then on the Status tab at the top. In the Devices section, click the Package drop-down and select the Bitdefender package.

  4. Optionally, you can also click Network in the left-hand menu which opens the full Device List. Click the inverted triangle icon to expand the filters. Then, expand the Collection Type heading to see the number of Bitdefender devices being collected. Once you click Apply Filters the diagram will adjust to show only devices collected by Bitdefender.