4. Compliance Reporting in Blackpoint LogIC


Powered by our proprietary SNAP-Defense technology, Blackpoint LogIC is a logging with integrated compliance MDR add-on built to be hyper-efficient and provide real-time data collection. With LogIC, collect the right data you need for future audits. LogIC auto-maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once, so you can understand where your current security products and services are covering you in terms of compliance. Trust LogIC to make your journey towards regulatory compliance easier.

Important. Blackpoint LogIC’s logging architecture bolsters your cybersecurity posture by supporting real-time collection of file integrity monitoring (FIM) events, device logs, and any other application or system that supports syslog. While LogIC collects key data to assist users in understanding where they are covered in terms of compliance, users must consult with a regulatory compliance authority and/or compliance auditor to guide them through the official assessment.

After you have added Blackpoint LogIC to your existing 24/7 MDR customers and logged into the platform, follow this article to generate compliance reports in Blackpoint LogIC.


  • You must whitelist the following domains to ensure the SNAP Agent can communicate with our servers.
    • agent.sega.production.snap.bpcyber.com
    • agent.siem.production.snap.bpcyber.com


Generating Compliance Reports

  1. In the Blackpoint Portal, click Blackpoint Add-Ons Portal in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click GO TO in the Customer section.
  3. Search for the customer you are setting up compliance reporting for.
  4. Click LogIC in the left-hand menu and then on Compliance Reports.
  5. In the Compliance Reports page, click + New Report.
  6. In the Compliance Frameworks page, click Start for one of the available frameworks: CISv8 IG1, CISv8 IG2, CISv8 IG3CMMC Level 1, CMMC Level 2, CMMC Level 3, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS.
  7. In the Name Your Report pop-up, type in a meaningful name for your new report. Your report name should be detailed enough to enable efficient searching as you create more reports going forward. Click Start.
  8. LogIC's auto-answer capability maps the products and services you have with Blackpoint. The Auto-Answer Complete pop-up window will indicate the number of requirements you already fulfill. Click Continue.
  9. Click Continue/Start to begin answering questions in each section. LogIC will track and save all of your progress. Sections that are completely fulfilled by the auto-answer capability will show as Completed on the green button.
    Note: For completed sections, you can click the Completed button to view the details of the requirements as well as an auto-generated response in the Supporting Evidence section.
  10. As you progress through the questions, use the Back, Skip For Now, or Continue buttons to navigate through the report if needed. For each question, you can click Add Supporting Note to include related documents, links, and other desired information.
    Note: On the right side of the screen, use the Contents column to check which section of the report you are currently completing.

Exporting Completed Reports

Once you have completed the report, you can either export the results or return to the Compliance Reports main page. On this main page, you will see a list of all reports started, in progress, and completed. To edit, clone, or export a CSV report, click the Manage button next to the specific report.

Viewing Report Progress

In the Progress column on the Compliance Reports main page, you can view a breakdown of progress on your existing reports. The progress shows a count of questions at various statuses which are represented by the following stoplight icons:

  • Red icon - Not compliant
  • Yellow icon - Partially compliant
  • Green icon - Compliant
  • White icon - Pending

Click the quick access 'revisit' links beside each status to jump directly to the questions of that specific status.

In addition, each report includes a progress summary showing the statuses as well as more 'revisit' links for ease of navigation.

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