NICOS End of Life FAQ


As Blackpoint Cyber continues to develop and enhance our nation state-grade cybersecurity ecosystem, we officially announce the end of life for our Networked Industrial Control Operations Security (NICOS) product. We aim to make this process as seamless as possible and provide visibility on what you can expect during the process.

End of Life Schedule

The schedule below displays milestone dates for this process as well as options for support. 

Milestone Definition Date
End of Life Announcement Blackpoint officially announces End of Life for NICOS. October 27, 2021
End of Sale Blackpoint will no longer process new sales for NICOS. However, we will renew month-to-month subscriptions until the final end of life date. October 27, 2021
End of Maintenance & Support Blackpoint will no longer release any software maintenance or bug fixes for NICOS. Blackpoint will no longer provide service and customer support for NICOS. October 31, 2022
End of Life Blackpoint will turn off all supporting infrastructure for NICOS and no longer process subscriptions. After this date, the product becomes obsolete. January 31, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Blackpoint decided to announce End of Life for NICOS?

Product lifecycles are influenced by market demands. Post-COVID-19, there is less demand for our NICOS product as it was designed specifically for the commercial real estate market. More importantly, we have full confidence in Blackpoint’s MDR service to detect and detain breaches faster than any other MDR solution on the market. When our partners deploy the Blackpoint agent, they receive robust cybersecurity protection from even the most advanced of threats.

What should I do with my NICOS device?

Feel free to keep your NICOS device and refactor it for other purposes. Please note that starting January 31, 2023, the device will no longer be operational with Blackpoint Cyber’s MDR service.

Can I cancel my existing NICOS contract before the End of Life?

Yes. Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss early contract cancellation for NICOS.

Am I less protected without NICOS?

For the vast majority of environments, no. However, we accept networks with an IoT-only deployment to be impacted by this.

What do I do if I still have issues with NICOS?

You have until October 31, 2022 to contact our support team. During this period though, we will be only be addressing critical defects.