Mac Agent - Downloading and running the shell script


Follow this article to download and install the Mac agent manually. 
We've broken down the setup into fourteen (14) steps:

  1. Access the Blackpoint Add-Ons Portal
  2. Select the customer
  3. Navigate to Install and Deploy
  4. Download macOS Setup Script
  5. Copy the Install Script to the Desktop
  6. Launch Terminal
  7. Change the Directory to the location of the Script
  8. Run the Install Script
  9. Confirm the Agent was Installed Successfully
  10. Confirm snap-agent process is running
  11. Launch SNAP-Defense
  12. Select Customer from the customer drop down list
  13. Navigate to Collection Menu
  14. Navigate to Network Menu


  • Your Mac Must be Running macOS 10.15 or later


  1. From the Blackpoint Partner Portal, navigate to the Blackpoint Add-Ons Portal. 
  2. From the customer switcher, select the customer for mac agent deployment. 
  3. Navigate to Install and Deploy from the navigation menu in the Blackpoint Add-Ons Portal. 
  4. Download macOS Setup Script.
  5. Copy the install script to the Desktop on your Mac
  6. Launch "Terminal"
  7. Change directory to Desktop cd /Users/[YOUR-USERNAME]/Desktop 
  8. Run the install script, copied in Step 5 ⬆️, up with sudo:
    NOTE: Copy the command from the portal
  9. Confirm the last output in the terminal from the script "The install was successful"

    If the 'Terminal' output is "operation not permitted" then you should allow the Terminal Full Disk Access under Privacy & Security

    While in the Privacy & Security System Preferences, check to ensure 'snap-agent' is also set to allow full disk access. 

  10. To confirm successful installation check if the snap agent process is running, snap-agent process should be visible in Activity MonitorIn the Terminal enter commandps aux | grep snap-agent
  11. You can confirm the SNAP agent is connected to SNAP-Defense by opening SNAP-Defense in your web browser
  12. Select Customer using the drop-down selection list 
  13. Navigate to the "Collection" menu in SNAP-Defense and confirm your Mac shows in the device list Additionally, you can navigate to the "Network" menu and confirm the device shows in the network map 
  14. Additionally, navigate to the “Network” menu to check if the device shows in the network map 

Additional Information

  • To deploy using RMM, complete steps 1 through 4 and refer to the following resources;